Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Rock Star.... featured in the local newspaper

Today we went to see Santa again at the mall. Kyndal sat in his lap and once again told him that she wanted a Little Red Car. We didn't get any pictures, we wanted to have it just be a visit with Santa. When we got home later today our Neighbor Jennifer gave us a call and asked if we got the Smyrna AM in the mail today. I hadn't checked the mail, but she said that Kyndal was on page 4. The Santa visit to our Stonewood Subdivision earlier this month made it to the paper and a picture of Kyndal on his lap was featured in the article. I will scan it and post it for those who don't get the Smyrna am, but for those who do take a look at page 4 and don't throw the paper away please save us a copy. I am sure there are several sets of grandparents who would like to have one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kyndal's first production.... our little black sheep

Last Thursday was the Christmas program at Kyndal's preschool. Our little girl was part of the Nativity scene, playing a role of a sheep. Our friend Katie was playing Mary. It was really the sweetest Christmas program evah! I cried when the children sang, cried when Mary came out, and cried when our little sheep came out. I guess I cried the whole time! Kyndal did quite well in the program. She didn't crawl out as planned (and like she practiced for a month), but considering she had only a 5 minute nap that day I can't blame her. She did sit and cross her little legs and I could see her sing and do hand motions along with the rest of the Children who were singing. The sang Happy Birthday Jesus, and Kyndal did at church last Sunday too. Here are a few pictures. I will have video eventually, but right now it is on our video camera tape.

Here are the rest of the kids (ones not in the nativity). They were the choir.

Here is our sheep, front and center.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas fun

We were invited to our friend's house Samantha, Josh and Lilly Kate's for a little Christmas gathering for the girls. The girls decorated cookies and had a little book exchange. Everyone was going away before or on Christmas (except us), so it was nice for them to get together to celebrate. Here is a little slide show of the fun!

Holiday Cheer

Here is Kyndal in one of her Christmassy outfits.

Ho Ho Ho

Cheese face again.

Opryland Visit

Here are some pictures from our Opryland Hotel/Opry Mills torture visit.

I am actually in these pictures... Thanks Daddy.

At the hotel... Look a tree bigger than ours.

Mommy and Kyndal rode on the train.

We rode the carousel at the mall too.

Cheese face.

A more serious one.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kyndal's Christmas Wish List

Enjoy the video.

For email subscribers, click on the link to get to the blog post to view the video.

Making a Gingerbread House

We made a gingerbread house on Saturday. It was lots of fun and good to eat too!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday morning we went to have breakfast with Santa in the common area in our subdivision. They had hot chocolate, donuts, cupcakes, juice and a big bon-fire to keep us warm. Santa arrived shortly after we got there and all the kids sat in his lap and he knew what they wanted for Christmas even before they asked. Kyndal has seen Santa in the various malls several times by now, but wanted no part in sitting in his lap. You may remember our Santa Visit last year. We didn't want to repeat it, so we have not pushed her into sitting in his lap. Yesterday, however, she wanted to sit in his lap. It may have been because her little friend Lauren sat in his lap first. Here are a few pictures, I think it is neat because there is still a little snow left on the ground in these pictures.

Friday, December 12, 2008


It felt like Christmas time last night. We watched the snow fall and baked some cookies. This morning we had a pretty good covering. I had to bribe Kyndal to go out in it. I told her we would play with playdough if she went outside with me and let me take some pitures.

Here are a few pics and a video.

This is what Kyndal does when I tell her to smile for the camera.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our finished Christmas Tree - One of them

Here are some pictures of the new Christmas tree. I picked up a few more things today to make it complete. I love our little Angel on top of the tree. We bought it last year after Christmas on clearance, I thought it would be too small for this tree, but I really love it. I am also posting pictures of some of my favorite ornaments.
Love our new Photo Ornament of Kyndal, it is one of the new products at Kristin Aune Photography.
This is one of our wedding ornaments. It is kind of hard to see here because it was quite far up on the tree, it is beautiful though.
A wedding photo ornament. My favorite picture of us during our wedding reception.
I love this angel.
Kyndal admiring the tree.
Self portrait. How do you like this Mom and Dad, a picture of me. I saw this from the picture of the Kyndal ornament and thought it was cool. I like how you can see the whole house behind me. I guess it is a makeshift fisheye lens!!

Tree Trimming

We are almost finished decorating for Christmas. With a much larger house, there was a whole lot of decorations to buy this year. We now have two Christmas trees decorated in our house. I was pretty certain we would need a larger Christmas tree here in the new house, so I began searching. The one from the old house was a slim-line 7.5 foot tree. With our soaring ceilings I was sure it wasn't big enough. Bret did not understand this... we have a perfectly good tree. So I put it up in the living room and he immediately understood the need for a bigger one. We put the old one in the foyer, I got it decorated last weekend. Last night we decorated the new one in the livingroom with all of our family ornaments. Kyndal helped and here are a few pictures of Kyndal's decorating job. Notice the conglomeration of balls on on the bottom all in the same section.

It was interesting trying to get the angel on the new 9 foot tree. We tried using Kyndal's stepstool... We tried my step ladder... We ended up getting the 6 foot ladder out to finish the job.


I forgot one thing. Kyndal's Nana Kennedy gave her another haircut while they were here on Thanksgiving. Nothing drastic, but she did taper the sides. It looks so cute, thanks Nana. I will post a picture shortly.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in our new house. Kyndal's Nana and Papa Mcconaha and her Nana and Papaw Kennedy were here, as well as our friends Joe, Kim and Lola. I guess I am starting to get used to cooking the whole Thanksgiving meal, because it certainly went a whole lot smoother this year. Not that it has ever been bad, just more stressful. This year the Turkey was done on time and everything else came together great. I didn't have to buy two Turkeys either like I did a couple of years back because I forgot to put one in the fridge one evening and it was left out all night... LOL!

The table all set...

The kids table

Getting ready to eat. Here are all of our guests.

I do need to make one observation about this photo. Do you notice everyone looking at the camera while I am taking the picture. Okay... all but one. This is why there are no pictures of you on the family wall, at least you don't have your arms over your face in this one, LOL! I love you and will eventually get a picture of your face unobstructed, it is a new goal of mine.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mommy's new blog

Mommy started a new blog ... go check it out at

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kyndal talks with her hands

Apparently Kyndal has seen me talking on the phone one too many times. *Hangs head in shame* I actually talk with my hands on the phone, Huh, why, I dunno? I probably do it in person too, but I only notice while I am on the phone and I think I must look like a total idiot. Anyway, Kyndal has picked this up. It is pretty cute when she does it.

Kyndal's Christmas Program

Last Thursday I was thrilled to get a little slip of paper when I dropped Kyndal off that said she was chosen to be a sheep in the Christmas program. I got teary eyed. Another first, her first Christmas program. Her first role! I can't wait to see it. They have also been practicing songs that they will sing. I was surprised on Sunday when Kyndal just started singing "God our Father". It is really amazing what she is learning and I am so happy that she has her Mother's Day Out Program, a Christian program. We have to decide whether Kyndal is going to be a black sheep or a white sheep. We have the black clothes already for the black sheep role, but she sometimes says she wants to be a white sheep.

p.s. Katie our friend from our MOMS Club, who is 3, is going to be Mary in the Christmas program! I really can't wait to see it.

Questions for Kyndal

Here is a cute video of Kyndal.... I ask her several times what her Doctor's name is because I love the way she says Dr. Rosser and I am impressed that she knows his name.

Thanksgiving Banquet

Today we got to go to Kyndal's school and enjoy a Thanksgiving banquet with her and the rest of the kids, parents, and teachers. Kyndal was a little sleepy because it was getting close to naptime, but it was fun! I love all of these little first's we are having, First School Function!! Here are some pics.

Here is our girl before school today.

With each of her teachers.

Mrs. Mandy

Mrs. Margi

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Most of you know how 2 year olds are, they can have a meltdown at the tiniest little thing. Kyndal had a phase before she was two and would throw a fit when I didn't put the panties that she wanted to wear on. She would want pink carebears or something of the sort, and if those happened to be dirty it was meltdown time. We had a time or two with outfits too. That was a short phase, but she does still occasionally have a meltdown.

Seriously there is not a whole lot you can do when these do occur, especially when you don't know what triggered it. So I was watching Larry the Cable Guy on Jay Leno the other night and he was talking about his 2 year old's fits. He had a whole series of pictures documenting these fits. He said what do you do when they happen, you laugh point and take a picture. It was quite funny. Wow, if all of us parents could find it this amusing. So when Kyndal threw a fit one night when we were headed out the door (not sure why), I snapped this picture. I am sure I didn't get quite as much enjoyment as Larry the Cable Guys does.

Fall Projects

Thinks have been quite busy for us and Kyndal was sick for a while, just a virus, but it seems everyone has gotten one lately. Things are calmer now, so I am back to blogging again.

We did some fall projects recently. We had a craft day and service project here at our house. We made cards for the troops and collected items to send to Iraq. Kyndal's Aunt Dee is in Iraq. She was home for a little over a week because her brother passed away, but she had to go home on Saturday. I am sure these packages will have perfect timing because she should be getting them shortly after she gets back there. We do ask for continued prayers. We ended up collecting a lot of great things for the boxes and I stuffed three boxes full to send, thanks to my MOMS Club. Here is a picture of everything on my stairs before being boxed up.

The kids also made some special Thanksgiving cards to send to the troops and a craft to take home with them. Here is Kyndal's pine cone turkey.