Friday, October 31, 2008

Here is our cutie

I loved her little Halloween outfit. I think I loved it just as much as her Halloween costume. She loved the kitty kat on her shirt.

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone, Happy Halloween. Kyndal looks so cute today in her orange kitty kat shirt. I will try to take a picture after she gets up from her nap. We are gearing up for activities today and I should be decorating cakes or getting our Trunk-Or-Treat trunk decorations ready right now, but I wanted to take a breather for a moment.

After Kyndal's nap we will head over to our friend Stephanie's house for a Halloween party and then we will go to the church to decorate our trunk and set up my photo booth at the church.

Here are the church events in case anyone missed my blog about it.

Are you looking for a safe alternative to traditional Trick-Or-Treating this year. We are having a Trunk-or-treat event at my church where you trick-or-treat from trunk to truck each one decorated with a different theme. There will be lots of other stuff (see below) and we are decorating and handing out candy from our trunk too.

Stonebrook Church
5100 Almaville Road, Smyrna, TN

OCT. 31st
Halloween Night

6:30 - 8:30

Kids come as you are or wear a costume

We will be having Hayrides (the land at our church is perfect for this)
Cakewalk (I will have some goodies in the cake walk)
and of course
Trunks with Candy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What we have been up to....

Yes I have been MIA over here on Kyndal's blog. If you visit my blog you know I have been super busy and that is why I haven't been blogging over here. I thought I would catch everyone up and promise more pictures later.

We have visited our favorite pumpkin farm 4 times in the last several weeks, Walden Farm. Kyndal loves it and we do too. I have a ton of pictures from all of our trips, but will only share two for now. One of Kyndal on the giant pumpkin and Kyndal having a blast in the giant corn box.

Today we went to lowes for the Kid's projects that they do on Saturday's. We helped Kyndal build a Mr. Potato head like pumpkin that has interchangable eyes, nose and mouth. Kyndal loved her little apron and the hammer that they let her borrow. Kyndal would not take the apron off all day and we even shopped at Target with her wearing it.

camera phone photos

We had planned on kicking off Halloween today by dressing Kyndal up in her bee costume and visiting a park here in Smyrna that had trick-or-treating and a lot of other activities. Well after Kyndal got up from her nap she wanted the Lowes apron on and when I asked her if she wanted to put on her Bee Costume she said no she wanted to wear that. Well she almost went trick-or-treating as a Lowe's employee, however we decided to bribe her with a sucker. We told her if she put on her Bee costume she could trick-or-treat and get some suckers. She happily put it on and she loved it too! She was so cute trick-or-treating and would actually say trick-or-treat as she went around. Well that is all for now, more to come! We have several more Halloween activities coming up this week. It sure is fun this year!

p.s. If you haven't been keeping up with my blog, read this post. For all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles.... If you want to help out with a good cause and get a cute collage of Kyndal, it will sure make you smile too!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Bee

The poll has closed and it tied between A Bee and Dorothy. Kyndal's puppy being Toto really got some of you (me too), but several mentioned that we have time for all of those other things as she gets older and we should dress her cute now, so she is going to be a Bee. We got her costume and it is so cute and she loves it too. Can't wait to share pictures of her in it. Also, her Aunt Shelley bought her a princess dress and wand for her birthday, she loves it and gets to be a princess too! Thanks Aunt Shelley.

Charleston - The Beach

We actually stayed on Folley Beach, SC. It is a super cute beach bum island where we found some very cool restaurants with-in walking distance of our condo.

We spent some time getting Kyndal used to the sand and water. She never got used to the water. She didn't even like it when we stood in the waves. She did however get used to the sand and liked picking up seashells.

We went down with all of our sand castle gear and Kyndal built her first sand castle.
This is the view from the pier.The weather got quite a bit cooler and windy the last few days we were there. We took a drive one afternoon and wanted to see where everyone on the island went surfing.

Kyndal didn't get to see it because she fell asleep in the car (the one and only day with-out a nap). We thought the dunes and fence and reeds were beautiful.
Kyndal did get to see the lighthouse earlier in the week because we had a local photographer take our family photos with the lighthouse in the background. We haven't seen the photos yet, but I will be sure to share when I get them. I didn't have time to take photos of Kyndal at this spot when we were there for our portraits, because Kyndal had to pee-pee and refused to go in the sand. We had to trek back to the car for her to use her little potty. The day she napped in the car, I made my way back out there to take some pictures of the lighthouse while Daddy and a napping Kyndal waited for me in the car.

We actually got to see 4 lighthouses on our trip. The two pretty ones were featured on this blog. We also saw a sqwatty one that I didn't take pictures of and some new modern triangular one that I thought was very ugly. It was the replacement for this lighthouse. This one used to be on and island but the island is now been washed away and they had to reinforce the land that this lighthouse sits on to keep it standing. It is pretty cool that it is completely surrounded by water!
This post wraps up the blogging on our vacation. We were glad we got to visit some new places, it has been a while since we have done that. It was nice for Kyndal to see so many new things on our trip. I would certainly go back to Charleston, we have a dozen more things we could have done while we were there!

Charleston - The Water

We took a boat ride around the harbor in Charleston. Kyndal loves to go on boat rides! It was a windy day, but it was beautiful.

This is Bret and Kyndal looking ahead at Fort Sumter.

Some closer views of Fort Sumter

Here is the Steel Cable Bridge in Charleston. I am so happy that we didn't have to drive over it! I loved taking pictures of it from the boat, but don't want to be on it. I drove over a very similar one in Savannah. I did the driving because frankly I would rather do the driving then have someone else drive me over. My whole body kind of freezes up when driving over a bridge. Bret was telling me "a little faster."... "no really GO FASTER". He said when you are only driving 25 mph it takes a whole lot longer to go over. Thankfully there weren't too many cars around or I would have gotten run over!
The piece of land that this one area is sitting on is 1 acre is size, that will give you an idea of how big this bridge is.

Here is the USS Yorktown, Bret really wanted to see this and Fort Sumter. We didn't tour either one, but got narration from our captain and a pretty good look from the boat. Now to be honest I just had to call Bret to get the name of this carrier, History or heck even current events are really not my thing!Here is the aquarium in Charleston. We did go to the Aquarium, it was listed as a must do in Charleston. We however weren't all that impressed, I guess the Chattanooga and Gatlinburg Aquarium's have us spoiled. It was very neat to see the sea turtles though, something that our aquarium's don't have.
Here Kyndal is checking out the hands on tank.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Charleston, SC - The City

After Tybee Island we left for Charleston. We stayed on Folley Beach, about 15 minutes from Charleston. After a night on Folly we hit Charleston. We started with a carriage ride through the city. Kyndal was so excited that she got to "ride the horsey"!

There were a ton of Churches in Charleston. Every one was beautiful.

It really was a beautiful city, much beyond my expectations. The carriage ride was our favorite part of the whole trip. The houses were beautiful. We loved hearing the stories of the city. We didn't take very many pictures because we were enjoying the ride.
There were all of these little ladies who were making sweet grass baskets all around the city and at this wonderful market place in the city. The baskets were beautiful. I bought a little one for Kyndal to put her shells in and a little bit larger one for myself. I would love to have one of the really big ones, but there were a little more than I wanted to pay for a basket. Of course if I was going to buy a basket that expensive, I would much rather have one of the handmade sweet grass baskets then one of those other name brand baskets that people collect. (And yes, as pointed out by Bret as I read him this post, the previous statement was made because I don't know how to spell the name of those popular baskets.)

Here are Daddy, Kyndal and Slim. (The slowest horse who had the longest route)

On a later day on our trip we made a trip to rainbow row. It is a row of old houses, that used to be warehouses, stores and homes that are painted a rainbow of pastel colors.
Of course Kyndal had to take a rest against the pink house!
She was happy to find another pink house and wanted to sit on the stoop.

Tybee Island, GA

We stayed the night in Savannah and got up the next morning and headed to Tybee Island, GA. We wanted to tour the Tybee Island Lighthouse and get the first glimpse of the beach on our trip.

Here is the Lighthouse! Kyndal now has a love for lighthouses. We climbed all the way up to the top. Kyndal did two flights of stairs herself, which amounted to 50 steps. She was carried the rest of the way.
We also toured the lighthouse keepers house. The place is now a museum so we got to visit all parts of the Lighthouse and grounds.
Kyndal also loved petting the Kitty while she was there.
This is about the best picture I could get of Kyndal and Daddy on the top of the lighthouse, considering I had plastered myself to the outer wall of the light house. Yes, I have a fear of heights! It didn't hit me until I stepped outside of the lighthouse. As if touching the wall would really keep the thing from falling down! I am a logical person and it makes no sense to me why I have this fear, but I certainly do. Kyndal however does not have this fear yet, she stepped right on out there. It was pretty windy at the top in certain spots, you can tell from this picture.
Kyndal liked the view better from inside, since the wind didn't bother her as much.
Daddy and Kyndal at the top of the lighthouse. The light is just up a few steps.
Here are Kyndal and Daddy on the beach with the lighthouse in the background. It was the first time Kyndal saw the beach. She wouldn't let us put her down in the sand and was not too keen on the waves.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Savannah, GA

On the first day of our trip we made the 7.5 hour drive to Savannah, GA. We left at 4:30 am and Kyndal slept in the car for several hours. The trip went great! We arrived in Savannah before time to check into our hotel, so we went downtown and decided to do a trolley tour of the City. We were going to be there such a short time we thought this was the best way to see the city.

Kyndal loved riding the trolley or the "Bus" as she called it.
Look Mommy actually made it into a picture!!

We loved watching the the horse drawn carriage's that were all around us, she also loved the "Big Trees". Mommy loved the Mighty Oaks too. I could photograph them all day, I especially loved the Spanish Moss hanging from them, that I haven't seen since I lived in Florida.

Here are Kyndal and Daddy at the end of our tour.

Halloween Costume

We need to go get Kyndal a Halloween costume, and we are trying to decide between a couple of things. Let us know your opinion and vote using the poll on the right.

The choices are:
1. A Bee - she loves The Bee Movie the costume is a cute fairy like bee
2. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - She loves the Wizard of Oz and her puppy could be Toto
3. A Princess - not sure which one, but there are plenty of cute costumes around
4. Tinker Bell

I think in this case which ever choice wins ACTUALLY WINS, unlike the poll we did when we named her! LOL! Of course I reserve the right to change my mind, HA!