Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Growing up

So it has been a long while since my last post! We have had Summer vacation and tons of fall and halloween festivities since my last post. Once I get out of this busy season I will be blogging about all of that, but for now I am jumping ahead for a post. Last week I was cleaning out the car and Kyndal was drawing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk all by herself. She called me over and said look Mommy, I drew a person and a cup. Sure enough I could actually make out a person with a body, legs, arms, a head, and eyes....and the cup looked like a cup. So I got a picture of Kyndal's first drawing. Not pictured but also drawn was a rainbow, but drawing rainbows is not new for us.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy’s b-day cake

Well Daddy’s birthday isn’t until the 21st, but I made a cake for him that we could share with our small group last night. I was ready for a new cake challenge and I wanted to do something cute for him.  Since we are going to the beach next week, I decided to make him a beach cake.  I had to do this cake quickly since we had such a busy day yesterday.  I made this quicker than any other cake!  I really wish I had time to make a palm tree and surfboard.  Here it is… his beach cake…

Water and waves with a dolphin


Beach complete with sandcastle, sand dollar, towel, drink and umbrella.  I borrowed Strawberry shortcake’s umbrella :)IMG_6810


Birthday day with Mommy and Daddy at the zoo

Kyndal went to school on September 1st and Daddy got off early so that we could pick her up and do something fun with her just the 3 of us.  She decided on the zoo.  We had so much fun since the zoo was not busy at all. I got to take a lot of pictures of the animals.  We left the zoo and Kyndal had a quick nap in the car then we at at one of her favorite places… Chick-fil-a.  It was family night so she got her hands painted (instead of her face) and got to see baby cow.  She came home and had a few more presents to open.  It was a full day.IMG_5922 IMG_5915  IMG_5952 IMG_5955 IMG_5959 IMG_5969  IMG_5971IMG_5979 IMG_5984 IMG_5986 IMG_5997 IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6015 IMG_6031 IMG_6045 IMG_6047

IMG_6072 IMG_6085 IMG_6087

Our little peanut

Kyndal had her 3 year well check-up last week.  Everything is great with her.  She is still 26 pounds and is in 5th percentile for height and 10th percentile for weight.  She is our little peanut and although she is 3 now and growing older I am still enjoying her being little. 


Kyndal had 3 sets of Grandparents at her party and her Aunt Tami, Aunt Katherine, and cousin Courtney.  We took the opportunity to take pictures of Kyndal with each set of Grandparents and a group shot of all of the family.


IMG_6672 IMG_6677 IMG_6682

Birthday Girl

All dolled up in her tu-tu and new shirt!




Jayce and Kyndal


Blowing out the birthday candles


Pretty Girl


Lots of present opening


Look, another purse


Loves her new barbie guitar!


Party Fun

We got a Strawberry Shortcake bounce house for the party.  The kids (both little and big) had a blast bouncing in the bounce house and playing on the swingset.




Love this one, someone’s foot and someone’s hair in the pic, LOL!


Jayce made sure we got our money’s worth from the bounce house.






One of my favorite pics of the day, she is having such a good time and it is typical of Kyndal talking with her hands to someone.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

A “Berry” Special Birthday Party

Kyndal picked the theme for her birthday party this year. She started off wanting a Belle party, from Beauty and the Beast. She changed her mind and Strawberry Shortcake stuck until about a week before the party and she asked for Belle again, LOL! She was very happy about her Strawberry Shortcake party. It is a fun theme to work with, however not as easy to find stuff out there for favors and the cake as the Disney stuff is. Ebay and the Dollar store were great sources for me though. Kyndal was very specific about her cake and wanted to have Strawberry Shortcake, pupcake and custard all on her cake. Finding a pupcake AND custard was hard, but I did it :)
Here are some details from the party…

Favor boxes to look like Strawberries




Kyndal’s name banner


Scratch off prize tickets


Party blow-outs


Flowers Kyndal picked out for the party


This tray had Strawberry shortcake rolls on the top, Gingersnaps on the middle and Blueberry muffins on the bottom.


Candy triffle, Strawberry whoppers, Strawberry candy, and Hershey kisses


Some cupcakes


Strawberry twizzlers


Strawberry Jelly Sandwiches


Made out own fruit arrangement, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallows, and pineapple, and cantaloupe.