Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cute Kyndal

Here are two snaps from today and a video from the other night.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ups and downs

No sooner did I post the last blog, then we got news that Granny has been sick with a 102 fever. It is not related to her chemo, but probably a virus. Her immune system is weak and viruses have been going around. Just wanted to update you.

Good News

We got some news on Granny's cancer yesterday. It is isolated to her back and skull. Of course cancer is not curable, but Granny will be getting treatment. She had her first chemo treatment yesterday and is on a series of medicine. We appreciate everyones prayers and please continue to pray.

Friday, February 22, 2008

She is too young for this

This morning Kyndal decided that she wanted to wear her black patent leather shoes, not the cute pink ones that actually match her outfit. She took the pink ones off after I put them on her and kept saying Shoe Shoe until I put the black ones on her. She then proceeded to take the pink ones into her bedroom and put them away. The girl isn't even 18 months old and she already has an opinion on what she wants to wear.

Something else cute last night was that at 7:30 she demanded to go Bye-Bye and brought me her shoes. She kept whining bye-bye until I put her shoes on her, she then found her 4th of July headband and put that on. Check out this pic of her in her stripped jammies, tennis shoes, and red white and blue headband, LOL!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kyndal is getting so smart

I am amazed with how many new words Kyndal is learning. Today she learned the word Doctor. She is really quite the talker. She jabbers all of the time and mixes in real words and repeats so much. Every now and then she will shock us with a word or sentence that we didn't even know that she knew. Last night Daddy was nudging her with his foot and she said "go away". She also says "Bye-Bye Daddy" each morning; an actual sentence. Sometimes she calls Bret Da-da and sometimes Daddy, it is so cute.

She also is starting to really "get" her books. She has a new book that I bought from a Discover Toy party called "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". She knows each part. She puts her hands on her hips when we get to that page and she blows kisses when we get to that page. There is a page where the Daddy is going to work and she says "Da-da Bye, Bye" at that page. Everyone is blowing kisses to the Daddy and she will blow kisses. She now makes the kissy face and sound too, No more open mouth kisses. She also has an Elmo book and when she gets to the part with Count on it, she will say, "Ah, Ah, Ah".

Also, on the potty training front, she poops in the potty every day. Now granted she is only goes once a day, and I take her there when I see her make her poopy face, but she is starting to get that as well. She says Poopy and Potty. When I say do you need to go poopy she will reach for me or head for the bathroom. Now peeing in the potty is a different story, we have yet to do that. She has gone a couple of times just standing in the bathroom and she freaks out a little, especially if her sock gets wet.

Some pictures

I haven't posted pics in a while. Here are some:

This is Kyndal eating at the table we bought at IKEA. The bad thing about this table is that she always wants to take her plate from the kitchen and eat at the table and the table is in the living room. I let her sometimes.

Here is Kyndal enjoying her ATV. Yes she was scared of it at first, but once we got it out in the culdesac she was really into it. I will try to get a video, but the batteries were dead on that camera at the time.

Here is one of Daddy getting a picture for his camera phone.

Here is a picture of the little beauty, look at those amazing eyes.

Kingston Trip

We went to Kingston this weekend to see Papaw and Nana Kennedy and Granny Wilson. We had a good time visiting. John's mom (Mamaw) stays with them on the weekends and she was doing pretty good we thought, pretty sharp and witty, she had us cracking up a few times. Kyndal was so good there and she is learning so many more words and repeats so many. She played with her cousin Ace who is a little bit older than her. We had a little accident that resulted in a panicked Nana and Granny, Mommy was pretty good about it. Kyndal got pushed and hit her mouth on the tile floor and let me tell you I haven't seen that much blood in a long time. She is okay but our shirts were both covered in blood. She was bleeding from a cut under her upper lip, apparently her teeth cut into it. She had a fat lip for a little while. Stuff like that just happens at the toddler age, I guess I am getting kind of use to it, I am just glad we didn't have to go to the ER again. I just hope things calm down a little, 2008 has been rough.

Ear check

I took Kyndal to the doctor today to have her ears checked. The doc said that her right ear doesn't look normal but not really red and bulging, so he wanted to wait a bit before we did antibiotics. On a side note she learned the word Doctor today, she says it very clearly.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A couple of requests...

First, please pray for Bret's Grandma Joyce. She has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells. We do not know how advanced the cancer is at this point, futher tests will show that and I will update as we know. She has not been feeling well for quite some time, and has had a cracked rib and vertebrae as a result of the cancer that has weakened her bones. She needs our prayers and support. I believe that God has a plan as he does with all things.

Second, please read Bret's blog. I think that blogging can be a good release for him as it is often for me. He used to always read his Bible at night and write a journal, this can be his new journal. Also please comment on his blog (on mine for that matter too), as it will encourage him. Then maybe he will become a commited blogger and have more frequent updates. He needs our support as well as I am sure it is very hard for him to know that his Grandma is sick.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008


I thought I would post a few Kyndalisms

Bive (This is what you get in the form of a high one, a low one, or a just too slow one) Her favorite thing to do is to ask for Bive, she loves it when our cat Shadow gives her Bive and wants one from all 4 paws

Bup - This is what she asks for when she wants to sit on the couch, in her high chair or for you to hold her

Dowwwwnnnnnnnn - This is what she says alot, when she is in her high chair, cart, or stroller, she is quite passionate about this word

Bye (in your best southern accent) - Means exactly that

Hi (in your best southern accent) - Means exactly that

Tea - yep that is what she means, she know what it is and ask for dinks of Mommy and Daddy's

Tank-Jew - this is what she says when we give her what she wants, or hands you something.

Peas - Yes the girl has manners, and doesn't want the small round green ones.

There are plenty of others, but these are by far the cutest. Of course some she says plain as day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You know you are a Mom when....

Your to do list is written in Crayon.

Mommy & Daddy's Trip

Okay, so this isn't a blog really about Kyndal. Let's just call it a Mommy blog.

Yes, we did miss Kyndal. The first night when we where still in the house without her was weird. This was our first night in the house alone without her since her birth. Okay, got that out of the that follows is about our great trip.

Friday night we ate a P.F. Changs, thanks to Cheryl and John for our Christmas GC. Bret made reservations, good think since the waiting list for walk ins was 70 mins. We arrived a bit early so only had to wait 30. Dinner was fab, we were stuffed. Also were both very clumsy, reminded us of our dating days. We were off to the movie, only to find out that it was sold out. Huh, reminded us of our dating days! LOL! So we came home and packed.

Up at 6am to drive to Hotlanta. It was a nice drive, although we were pretty quiet during the trip down. We got there around 12 Atlanta time and we went to the Container store. Bret liked it too, although not as Enamored as I am. Got out of there under 100 bucks. We also popped in Restoration Hardware for some of the glass cleaner that they sell.

We went to Marietta Square for lunch and ate at the Marietta Pizza kitchen and walked around the square a bit. Then to the hotel to check in. Wasn't much longer before I had to register for my seminar.

The seminar was fab too. I had a great time and learned a lot. I was so inspired by the wonderful photographer that held the seminar. She built her business up from her master bedroom and now has 24 employees and is building a 20,000 sq ft dream studio. That and she has 4 kids.

We slept in that next morning checked out and were planning on getting breakfast and then shopping at IKEA. We never found breakfast along the way, so we decided to shop first. They we arrived at IKEA, HOLY HUGE! I could not believe my eyes! That place was the biggest I have every seen. We went in and they have a restaurant, so we had breakfast after all, for 6 bucks for both of us! This place was amazing, for those who have been to an IKEA, why haven't you told me what I was missing. For those who haven't, you are missing something. It is kid friendly, green, and the biggest store we have ever shopped at. We however didn't get out of there under 100 bucks, in fact it wasn't even under $200 bucks.

This is about 1/4 of the building, no way could I get the whole thing in one shot.

So then we headed home. We had a ton to talk about on our way home. The seminar, IKEA, how we would be broke if we lived in Atlanta.

Met Mom and Dad, picked up Kyndal, stopped at Publix for superbowl food. Got home minutes before the kick-off. Ah, busy fun time!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend with Nana and Papa

This blog is brought to you by Nana McConaha.... with a few notes by Mommy italics

Kyndal is a very special little girl, and we enjoyed spending time with her this weekend. We met Kristin and Bret Friday evening after we got off from work and since the three of us didn’t have a chance to have dinner yet we stopped at McDonald’s on the way back.

We found out that Kyndal is a little squealer now. When we got home every time she saw our cat she would get excited and squeal almost like a scream, really loud and run after the cat. Our cat didn’t know what to think and would run from her.

She sleeps all night long and goes to bed without a peep. We hooked up the baby monitor so we could hear her since the bedroom is at the opposite side of the house than our bedroom.

Saturday we had a few errands to run so after she took her morning nap so off we went. She is so good taking her anywhere everyone stops to see her or ask how old she is. [Note from Mommy...Yes, when the guys have her out by themselves they call her the chick magnet. Even her PaPa and Uncle Barry have been known to take her off in a store to see if it works.] We went to my favorite place for lunch (Zaxby’s) and we called Kyndal the little dipper because she likes to dip her chicken in the sauce and her fries in the ketchup. Later that evening we made a trip to Walmart, to buy a few groceries.

Sunday we went to church and everyone knew her from all my pictures and also when she visited our church and remembered her when we took her before. After church we made lunch when we got home and, she went down for a nap. When she woke up it was time to meet Mommy and Daddy again.

Seems like time flew by and we hated to part. We had so much fun reading her books and playing with her. We tried to get her to say Nana but every time we said say Nana she would look at Papa and say Papa. I guess she knows Nana and Papa go together, just like when we count we say one and she says two. I know Mommy and Daddy are glad to be back with her but we miss Kyndal already.

Note from Mommy...I think she did learn Nana, as she said it a couple of times last night. She even once combined Nana and Mama and it came out NaMa! Coming soon a Mommy blog about our weekend

ETA - My r key is sticking, that is why there are missing r's

Friday, February 1, 2008

Kyndal's vacation away from MaMa and DaDa

Bret and I are off to Atlanta for a photography seminar, who-hoo! I am excited about that and excited because I get to go to the Container Store! So Kyndal is going with Nana and Papa for two nights. We aren't leaving for Atlanta until the am, but Bret and I are going to go to dinner and a movie. A movie at a theater, what's that, Oh something we haven't done for about 18 months or more. I am sure Kyndal will have a blast too, can you say spoiled?

As far as her ear infection goes, she has two more doses of antibiotics, but I am not too sure that it is clear. She still has that pesky runny nose and woke up once last night. We are going to see how she is on Monday and take her back to at least have her ears checked. Please be praying for her, and also for Nana and Papa McConaha that she does not still have an ear infection, as I am sure they would like to sleep through the night.

Oh, something that I think is so cute. When I say do you want to go see Nana, she says Papa. Also if I say this when we are home, she will look around and say Uh-oh, like she is looking for them.