Friday, March 19, 2010

A great day for golf

Today has been a gorgeous day!!! We spent a lot of time outside this morning and Kyndal thought it was a good day for golf.

She is wearing her golf gloves (aka winter mittens), LOL!

She sometimes approaches the game a little more like Happy Gillmore, in fact she likes to call it hockey.

Happy St. Patricks Day

We wore our green, cooked Irish Pie for dinner, and even had Shamrock doughnuts for dessert.

Here is a few pics of Kyndal, she got the first shirt dirty so she found one that had green dots. She was all about the green!

February Zoo Trip

I plan on doing a catch up post soon, but didn't want to get any further behind.
In February we had a very rare beautiful Saturday and weather was good enough to be ourside. We had extra zoo passes so we invited our small group. It was fun... we so love the zoo and this will be the first of many trips this year.

Our small group Mama's and kiddos minus a few kiddos.

This little owl was a nice addition to our normal exhibits; he is not normally on exhibit... they brought him out for this day.