Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sick Again

So I really want to be posting more good news again, but baby girl is sick again. Another ear infection this time. She has had a runny nose and has been really cranky the past few days. It is amazing how the symtoms change between occurances, last time it was her eyes and a fever. That Mother's intuition is a REAL thing though, because I was certain it was another ear infection because this little girl is never THAT cranky. So back to the Dr. this morning and another round of antibiotics. The good thing is that the Dr. said we are a ways from being referred to an ENT, these are happening partly due to her age and partly due to the time of year and she very well may out grow them. I sure hope so.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good News

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for Kyndal. She had a 3 hour nap today to catch up on her sleep, but she was still not moving her arm very much. We decided to get out of the house today to try to keep her mind off of her arm and play with one of her friends. She still was not using her arm for most of the time and little by little she started using her arm again. She seems normal now, praise God!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unbelievable week... second ER trip...UGH!

Last night was Kyndal's second trip to the ER. I can't believe it, but as Bret said last night she is his daughter so I better get used to it. Before Bret got home I was playing with Kyndal and lifted her up by her hands and she was laughing until I put her down and then she started to whimper. At first I thought she was whimpering because she wanted me to do it again, but I noticed that she was holding her arm. She pretty much wanted me to hold her and would not move her arm. Bret got home and she would whimper, never really cry, every time we moved it. We waited a bit and looked it up on the Internet and decided after self diagnosing that we needed another trip to the ER. They seemed to know right away what it was and reassured us that "Nursemaid's Elbow" is pretty common in the ER, that was the same as our self diagnosis. It is a dislocated ligament in the Elbow that is very common in children under the age of 5.

So poor baby had to have two x-rays on her elbow and when those looked okay they had to twist her arm and bend it to pop the ligament back into place. They did it two times the second time they felt it pop. So they gave Kyndal a Popsicle to see if she would start to use her arm again. She didn't start using it and they thought it might be because it was sore. I asked about the possibility of it being her shoulder, so they decided to take two more x-rays of her whole arm. Those came back okay and they sent us home told us to give it over night and see if she was back to normal tomorrow.

This morning she is still not moving her arm, so I had a little panic and rushed to the orthopedic doctor. He said that she was okay, he looked at the x-rays again and twisted her arm a little and said it was in place. It might take her a few days due to soreness to start using her arm again.

Poor, poor baby. PLEASE pray for her!

And all of this after us getting hit with a HORRIBLE stomach virus over the weekend (the whole family). Fortunately Bret and Kyndal didn't have it as bad as me, but Bret almost took me to the ER on Saturday. We are ringing in the New Year with a bang aren't we!

So anyway lesson learned... NOBODY PICK KYNDAL UP BY HER ARMS!!!! Or any baby for that matter.

Now for a little pick-me up. Or pick you up, I don't know what will pick ME up. Here is a picture I took before the stomach virus but after the 1st ER trip of Kyndal smelling my birthday roses.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trip to the ER

Well last night we had a little scare. First let me tell you that Kyndal is just fine. Last night at 8:00 I asked Kyndal if she wanted to go Night Night and as usual she walked into her room ready to go to bed. Bret went in behind her to put her in her crib, she then slipped on the bottom of her pajama bottoms and fell strait back on the wood floor. She hit the back of her head. It scared Bret pretty bad, since he heard how hard she hit. He wasn't here last time she fell, so this was new for him. She cried for a little while but all seemed just fine with her so we put her to bed. Well at about 10:00 she woke up throwing up in the crib. Poor little thing was shaking. Last time she hit her head "Is she throwing up" was one of the questions we were asked, so we were concerned. We thought we might have to take a trip to the ER, a call to pediatrician confirmed that. So off we went. It only took a little over an hour and they told us that she would be just fine. Often when someone hits their head they will throw up, but so long as she didn't keep throwing up and she was walking and talking okay and acting normal then we didn't have to worry. He told us to check on her a couple of times through the night. She is just fine now, aside from being pretty tired. That girl has a hard head!

Love to you all, don't worry she is just fine.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Check out our little cutie:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well another year has just flown by. As the ball dropped and 2008 rang in, I got a little sad, in fact quite a bit weepy. I just can't believe it is 2008, my baby was born in 2006! Although it feels like yesterday, the years rolling by do make me somewhat sad. I am excited to see what is in store for the new year though. Kyndal has grown an incredible amount this year, both physically and mentally. She is such a smart little girl and says so many words. She loves to pretend play with her dolls or her tea set or kitchen. She will try to feed her dolls, stir us some tea and give us "bites" of things she makes. She chatters all of the time, and flashes a smile to everyone she comes across. She actually pooped in the new potty two times this week! I know it is really just good timing on my part, since Kyndal makes it pretty apparent that she is trying to go poop. But I see potty training on the horizon.

We also said goodbye to our very first pastor as a married couple and Kyndal's very first pastor ever. We are sad about this too, but also excited to see what God has in store in 2008.

Our prayers for the new year. That Kyndal will continue to be the healthy amazing little girl that she is and that she will bring joy to many people's lives. For our church and the changes in the new year and for opportunities for Bret and I to do our part for our home church. For my business that it will continue to grow and that most of all people will treasure the photographs forever and hopefully I captured a special part of each child's personality. For Bret and his job as a Manager, that he will continue to learn and be both a good manager for the company that he works for, keeping business initiatives in mind and a good manager for the people that work for him, a tough combination.

Love to all of you,
Happy 2008!