Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kyndal reads the bible

Here is a video of Kyndal reading her bible. She thought it was a funny story I guess. Listen closely, with the echo it is a little hard to understand. She starts in Genesis if that helps at all. Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kyndal starts dance class

This week Kyndal started her dance class. It is a tap/ballet/tumbling class that goes 2 nights a week for 4 weeks. She was so excited to start. The first night was a little rough because some of the girls in the class were not happy to be there and Kyndal was greatly concerned with the little girls who where crying. She did great though but was upset that they didn't get to use the tap shoes that night. The second night she was much happier because they used the tap shoes too. Her friend Kira is in the class with her and she is quickly making new friends too.


We took an extra day in East Tennessee and decided to use our season passes and go to Dollywood again. It was Kid Fest at Dollywood and we were greeted by Larry and Bob. Kyndal didn't want to see them at first but then I took her over there and she shook Larry's hand. When we were taking the picture, Bob reached out and touched her and Kyndal freaked out. Although rain was in the forecast, it never rained while we were there. It was an unusually cool day for July, so it was perfect. We also took Kyndal to see a live version of "Llama llama Red Pajama"... it was very cute. She had a blast with her Nana and Papaw Kennedy and Mommy and Daddy.

4th of July... family, food, fishing and fun!

We spent the 4th of July in Kingston with Bret's family, it is our annual tradition. My Mom and Dad came out too. We enjoyed visiting with family, eating a ton of food (the desserts were yummy). We went fishing like we always do and got Kyndal her very own pole this time, a Barbie one. She was so excited to go fishing. She can actually cast her pole and reel it in by herself. She was excited when she caught her first fish, but the excitement quickly turned to a freak out when the fish started flopping around. I am amazed I got a picture of her with it. She really didn't want to have much to do with any of the fish. I finally got her to touch one of the fish and almost kiss one. My grandpa used to have me kiss the fish that I caught and throw them back in.. LOL! We so look forward to our 4th of July trip each year and we had the best weather while we were there. Enjoy the pics.

Loved her hair like this, but those darn bows just would not stay in her hair!

Small Group 4th of July fun

Half of our small group couldn't make it last Thursday because they were away for the holiday, so we decided to take our much smaller small group to the park for a picnic. Here are some cute shots of the kids and my melted 4th of July cupcake cake. The one I actually made on the 4th turned out much better :)

More dance practice

Kyndal got her tap shoes the week before class and had to try them on. She also wanted to wear a ballerina outfit that her Aunt Shelly got her a while ago to do some more practice moves before she started class (the outfit is a little small now). I think she is going to be quite the performer, what do you think?

After observing Kyndal I can pretty much guess that she is not going to like the structure of ballet, she is a little more free form that that. I was the same way as a kid, loved jazz but no so hot on ballet.

LifePoint Church

July 1st we became new members of LifePoint Church. I finally had to explain to Kyndal that we would not be going to "her church" for a little bit while it was being fixed up. I told her we would be going to the church at her school for a while. She was very cute and tried to explain this to her Daddy when we at dinner that night at the Sonic on our way to the membership class. Every time we go past the church which is normally several times a day, she asks if it is fixed yet. We took her in there on Tuesday while I was taking some pictures of the progress, so she got to see the construction first hand. If you haven't read the full story it can be found on my blog here.

Here she is with her Daddy at the Sonic.

Here is a picture of our new church (The main campus)

Future Photographer?

Kyndal decided to set up all of her animals for a portrait. Then she wanted one with them. Then she recomposed the set-up in a different location and wanted Mommy in the pic. Could she be following in her Mommy's footsteps?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two cute things that Kyndal said today

She had her pretend phone in the back seat and she told me she was talking to Teresa. She said "Can you talk louder".... "hang on let me put you on speakerphone"! LOL!

The second thing maybe not as cute but we were in the parking lot at the store and I said Kyndal give me your hand. She wasn't paying attention but when a car started to back out I said very sternly "HAND". She said "Calm down". I responded with don't tell me to calm down and she said "But Mommy you just need to calm down" ... at that point all I could do was giggle.

Wonder where she hears those phrases?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dance Class

Kyndal is starting dance class on Monday for their 4 week, 8 class summer program. I wasn't sure if I was going to start her in class, until she started doing these dances and shouting out to me or Bret to "watch me." I am not sure where she gets her moves and they sort of look more interpretive than ballet. Anyhow, she will be doing a combo tab/ballet/tumbling class. We picked her up a leotard last night and she wanted to where it when she got home. Once she had it on she started to perform. After seeing how into it she was, I am getting excited! Here is a video of her last night