Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kyndal's Second Christmas

Well we had some ups and downs with Christmas this year. We did the circuit and went to my Mom and Dad's house for Christmas Eve, then we visited Bret's grandparents on Christmas day, then back to my Parents and then home. Kyndal was not feeling well ever since Christmas Eve. She had watery red eyes and a fever on Christmas Eve but it went down until we got home and then she got quite a fever. It spiked to 103.5 the evening that we got home, we suspected an ear infection. We took her to the doctor first thing that morning and our suspicions were correct. She has a double ear infection, a pretty bad one in fact. That explains why she just wasn't herself over Christmas. Then Granny and John's Mom got sick with some other ailments after Christmas, they are both on the mend though. So here are some pictures of Kyndal's second Christmas.

Granny and Papaw Wilson's house
Super Cute Kyndal in her I heart Santa shirt

Not too sure about the rocking Giraffe that Uncle Rondel gave her, we think it is cute though

Showing some love to her cousins.

Help, get me out of here

Nana and Papa McConaha's house

Lounging on her new chair.

She was a pro at unwrapping presents

At home
Checking out her kitchen

Trying out her new basketball hoop

Taking a ride on the ATV, actually at the moment she is scared of it. She will push the button while she is standing next to it and it will go and she doesn't know that letting go of the button will make it stop.

Opening another one.

Look at all of these presents!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Aune family.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kyndal's visit with Santa

Well I was saving this until the grandparents got their wallet size photo of Kyndal and Santa in the mail.

How did it go? Well the picture speaks for itself:

I just had to buy some wallets, isn't Santa funny! I was getting Kyndal all excited to sit in his lap. As we were in line I would ask her if she wanted to see Santa and she would shake her head yes. She kept pointing at him trying to say Santa. I asked her if she wanted to sit in his lap and she shook her head yes. I guess I was fooling myself because we pretty much got the same result as everyone else with a kid this age.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kyndal wearing a Barrette

We bought Kyndal some Barrettes in Walmart today, I think she may have enough hair. If she would only let me put them in and then keep them in. Here she is tonight wearing one of her new Barrettes.

I caught her mid blink here, but man look at those gorgeous eyelashes!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Playhouse Disney Live

We took Kyndal to see the live version of her favorite morning shows. We went downtown and saw Playhouse Disney Live. Daddy took a half of a day off. We got to see Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and Tigger & Pooh. She had a great time although she was still getting over being sick. Here are some pics.

She had her own seat, but it kept closing up on her, so she ended up in our laps.

Enjoying popcorn with Daddy. Popcorn is one of Kyndal's favorite foods. She mastered the skill of reaching in and grabbing a handful without taking her eyes off the show. It was funny when we took it away she would reach for it and then look at us like "hey, where did it go?"


The Whole Cast

It was all centered around Mickey having a Music party, which was appropriate since Kyndal loves music so much!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Miss Manners

I realized today that Kyndal says "Thank You". Just hand her something and she responds with a "Thank You" or at least her version which is clearly supposed to be "Thank You". Bret says that makes him happier than any other word that she says, surely not happier than "Dada"? Now to work on "Please", good thing I bought her a Manners Board Book for Christmas. Who knew her Daddy was such a southern gentleman.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Kyndal's 15 Month check-up

Sweet Baby Girl had her 15 month check-up today. She was definitely more uneasy about this appointment than past appointments, I am sure she remembers what happens at the Dr. Office. She got only two shots this time. Everything else looked good. She is on track developmentally... 3-6 words?.... Yep, in fact many more than that.... Can Identify Body Parts?.... Yep, surprisingly knows ones that we haven't really even taught her. So here are the stats of the day.... Weight 21 lbs 9 ounces, a gain of 1 lb 9 ounces since her 12 months, 30th percentile. Height 31 inches, grown 1 3/4 inches since her 12 month, 70th percentile. Head, well she still has a big noggin, 95th percentile, you all know she is a smart kid though ;) Hopefully I will have new pics of her soon, I have been swamped with Holiday Picture orders!

Oh and she has 4 molars now and she is working on her top eye teeth, even the doctor noticed. It has been pretty evident to us since she often has her whole hand in her mouth and is drooling like a fool.

Saturday, December 1, 2007