Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dad's Day at the Discovery Center

We enjoyed Dad's Day at the Discover Center last Friday. The Discovery Center is the really awesome place that is located at the Wetlands of Murfree Spring in Murfreesboro. It has a great play area and story time every week. It is a great educational place to take your kids. We bought a family membership so that we can go to parents and tots everyweek and when it gets super hot outside we will have a nice cool place to play inside.

For Dad's day they had free barbecue, popcorn, and homemade ice cream that both Daddy and Kyndal enjoyed very much. Then just time to play and enjoy spending an evening with the family.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Firestation Tour

Kyndal and I went on a Firestation tour with the Mom's group last Friday. Kyndal got up in the truck to have her picture made, she did great and even let the Fireman put her up there. They turned on the water for the kids, but Kyndal wouldn't even step one foot into the water. Here are some pics.

Kyndal sitting in the truck with her friend Kira.... I know you are reading Angel (post a comment already, You have to on this one because your kid is in the picture... LOL! )

The firemen turning on the hydrant.

Kyndal standing clear of the water.

Turning on the hose, the kids took off to get sprayed.
Group PhotoKyndal hanging out, yes her arm is in her shirt.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stay tuned blog posts coming soon

Things have been super busy here. Kyndal got yet another ear infection. I think she got it the weekend after she went to the ENT. This is her 5th since Christmas. It is kind of sad because this time her doctor didn't even need to see her. I called and told him she had one and he said he knew me and Kyndal well enough that he would just call in a perscription. Everytime I have ever taken her thinking she had an ear infection, she either had one or got one a couple of days later and I had to take her right back to the doctor. I guess Mommy's know even before doctors :) She is feeling better because she has had antibiotics in her system for over a week now. Her surgery to put in her tubes is scheduled for July 18th.

My business has been super busy, I got 8 orders ready and delivered or mailed out today! I have some stuff to blog and will get to that as soon as I have time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Email updates

Sorry to everyone for not getting their email updates. Since the old email address went out of service there has been an issue. It should be fixed now, sorry for all the messages. I need to fix Bret's now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

While moving I came across some dolls in their original packages that I had bought (I think) when I was in my first year of collage. At the time I hadn't seen Strawberry Shortcake in years and they were something I loved as a little girl, so I bought them and my Mom kept them and gave them to me a couple of years ago. So I put them in Kyndal's closet until she was ready for them.........Fast forward until today... Kyndal was playing in her room and found a little doll that was from a happy meal toy, she decided that she needed shoes and went and got one of her own and brought it to the tiny doll and said wanna shoe? I knew it was time, so out came my Strawberry shortcake dolls. We opened each package and Kyndal played for quite a long time with them. Smelling them (they still had a little scent), brushing their hair, putting on their shoes. p.s I know I still have my original doll somewhere too.

Check out this slideshow. My blogging friend Samantha uses this slideshow site often in her blog, so I wanted to give it a try.

p.p.s We saw a kid today with a stuffed Alf doll. Now that is a blast from the past too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all of Kyndal's Grandpa's that we couldn't spend the day with today, Jim, Rodney, John and Sammie. We are thankful that Kyndal has so many great Grandpa's in her life and thankful to all of our Dad's and for our Father in heaven.

We had a great day starting with church this morning. Our friends Kim, Joe, and Lola joined us for a wonderful emotional service.

Yes the following images were taken with my camera phone.... bad photographer (hangs head in shame). It was so cute though, someone told Lola that she need to hold a hand and Kyndal offered her her's. Then the Daddy's helped them walk across the parking lot.

Happy Father's day to the best husband and best Daddy Kyndal could ever have. We love you so much!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kyndal's visit to the ENT doctor

Today we went to the ENT to get his opinion on Kyndal's frequent ear infection and persistent fluid in her ears. We went to a great doctor here in Smyrna that was recommended by several friends. We told Kyndal she would see the doctor again and he would check her ears. She did great. First they checked her ears for infection.. no infection. Then for fluid with another tool, she did have fluid present in both ears especially her right ear. Then she had her hearing tested. This test takes quite a bit longer than the test for fluid; and when I say longer I mean only about 30-45 seconds; but for a toddler with something stuck in your ear and having to stay still this is quite a feat. Once again Kyndal did great, however she did not pass the hearing test in her right ear.

Then we met with the doctor, he was great with Kyndal! We discussed her history and he looked in her ears and recommended that we go forward with having tubes put in her ears. Since she has had fluid in her ears for several months and she did not pass the hearing test it is the best thing. He wasn't too worried about Kyndal's hearing right now because she talks so good and repeats everything she hears (good and bad).

It is a painless procedure and is very quick. I would much rather her go through this simple procedure rather than suffer through another painful ear infection.

We are not sure when the surgery will be scheduled, but will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bye-Bye House

Today was a very bittersweet day. We closed on our first home. The closing date was moved up from the 20th to today. Everything seemed to work out perfectly as we finally sold our desk that was in the new garage and we were able to epoxy the new garage over the weekend and get everything out of the old garage and attic Sunday and Yesterday. Today we had to go to the old house to get a couple more things and to leave our keys... sniff sniff. Yes tears were shed! We do have our savings back and only one payment now but I can't even tell you how emotional it was for me.

Here are a few last pictures of Kyndal in her very first home and some videos of her telling the old house bye-bye. p.s. How how many dollars worth of camera equipment do I have.. umm I am not saying, so I really have no excuse for taking these on my CAMERA PHONE, do I?