Saturday, July 19, 2008

Potty Breakthrough's

So I started working on some potty training with Kyndal during the last week. Kyndal has been going number 2 in the potty for quite some time, I think around 15 months, but she never pee-pee'd in the potty until last week! So today and yesterday (even with her surgery) she has only had one accident. The accident was today and she went a little bit in her pants when she told me and then she finished in her potty. I think she as had a breakthrough today because we went out to eat (she had a pull-up on), she was in the middle of eating her food and she said potty. So I took her and she went in the restaurant! I ordered her some training pants and a doll that drinks and wets and we got them today. She loves her doll and the training pants are great so far. Wish me luck, we will be working on potty training this week.

Kyndal's Ear Surgery

Kyndal had her Surgery to put tubes in her ears on Friday. Daddy took the day off and we had to be at the hospital before 6am. Kyndal was fine when I woke her up that morning. Bret was happy that we finally got to wake her up for a change, although she took it much better than we do when she wakes us up early. We debated leaving Kyndal in her PJ's, but we didn't want to change her routine too much since we never take her out in her PJ's any other time.

We arrived and got checked in, Kyndal got her arm band and let them put it on her. It didn't take long before she slipper her hand out of it and didn't let me put it back on. The nurse put in on her ankle when we got to the room. We dressed Kyndal in a Tiger hospital gown and the room had a very institutional looking crib in the room, a little freaky looking.

Kyndal knew that she was going to the Doctor for him to fix her ears, and she could tell us that. She didn't realize quite how many people she would be seeing, lots of nurses, a Anesthesiologist, and her doctor. She was very quiet and didn't say a word to any one. They explained that two nurses would come and take her from me (we would meet them before hand), they would probably do it rather quickly before she knew what was going on. She would be given a little laughing gas and then some stronger medicine that she would breath in and it would put her to sleep. The procedure actually only takes 5-10 minutes. Then they would give her oxygen to bring her out of it and take her to a recovery room for 45 minutes before bringing her to me.

So they came and took her, she didn't cry at all. So we waited for about 30 minutes before I could hear her crying. Bret tried to convince me that it wasn't her, I knew it was. I was pacing outside of the room. Bret's version is that I was ready to pounce on someone. She was screaming and I could hear an occasional "Mommy". After about 5 minutes the doctor came in, I said "What did you do to her" in a joking manner (maybe I wasn't joking). He said that they would be bringing her to us a little sooner...when they were ready, he said they are ready NOW! He said that she was fine just a little disoriented. Then the nurse brought her, she said as soon as she told her we would go see Mommy she quit crying. Bret said that our daughter knows how to work the system!

To doctor said they are normally very sleepy right afterward, but I didn't hit her until I was holding her. Her little eyes could barely stay open. The doctor said that she did have fluid in both ears and that was gone now. We waited to be discharged and while we were waiting Kyndal got a little sick to her stomach.

Then we were finally able to leave. It was less than 3 hours that we were there. It wasn't long before Kyndal was dancing around the house. Oh and she was so ready to eat, we stopped by McDonald's for some take home breakfast and she ate almost the whole Sausage McGriddle. Kyndal had some twinges of pain or discomfort for the rest of the day, but today seems to have none.

I am so happy that the ear infections might be behind her now!

Kyndal dancing around shortly after her surgery:

Kyndal talking about her surgery:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Summer Movies

Kyndal and I went to see Bee Movie today. It was a free movie at Regal Cinema's. It is a neat program that they run during the summer. Click here for info. Kyndal loved it. She sat in her own seat the whole time, they even have little movie theater booster seats. She ate popcorn and laughed at the movie. Popcorn and drinks were only a dollar each.

Stepping on soapbox now..... So our free movie in reality costed us almost $10 plus the cost of the coke and popcorn. It is 26 miles each way to the theater and with the cost of gas being almost $4 a gallon and our car getting only around 22 miles/gallon, our free movie cost us quite a bit more. Yes still a good deal for a movie and it was fun, but come on I feel like we are being robbed spending almost $500/month on gas for both vehicles.

First Haircut

Kyndal's hair has been getting longer and a little unruly lately. She sometimes demands a "Bawette" to hold back her bangs because they get on her nerves. So we thought it was time for Nana to cut her hair. We always knew Nana would give her her first haircut. She did very well for her first cut and managed to get a little lock of hair to keep. It looks great, Thanks Nana!!

Nana even styled it for her. Her hair already feels thicker.

I yuv you Bowaze!

Kyndal had a great time with her 4 year old cousin Blaze. They were a pair the whole day. They were kissing cousins this weekend, Kyndal kept kissing him and saying "I yuv you Bowaze".

We got arrested....

Got your attention... No not really, but we did break the law and got caught. It is kind of a long story so here goes...

We went on the first boad ride of the day on the 4th. John was driving... he asked Cheryl on the Mule ride down to the dock if he needed his license... I think you see where this is going:) So the kids did have on their life jackets, but Blaze got onto one of the Captain's chairs in the back. I think we all had the same thought that maybe he shouldn't be sitting there, but he was sitting still and we were keeping an eye on him. So enjoying the ride and we hear "BWOOP" and Bret saying "John, John", turn around and there is the TWRA with lights flashing pulling us over. First they tell us why the pulled us over, Blaze should be in the bench seat, okay done. First question, can I see the Boat Registration?. We look, can't find it, call Papaw... ask him where it is... "In my pocket". The copers were not amuzed. Next question, I need to see a life jacket for everyone, okay done. Next question, can I see the Fire extinguisher. We don't know where that is, so we ask Papaw on the phone.... Don't need one because the engine is on the outside of the boat. Copers were still not amuzed, we do need one because we need a tool to get to the engine it doesn't matter if it is on the outside. Okay, so we think all the bad stuff is out of the way because they called in to get the registration info, but one last question, Can I see your driver's lisense. UGH.... well I guess they never intended to give us a ticket, because after all of that we got off with a warning.

This was an interesting boat ride to say the least. The kids got free ice cream coupons because they had on their life jackets though. I however did not get any pictures, but wouldn't that have been great. Kyndal wanted in my lap and Blaze started crying, so I had to hold both of them, no time for pictures really. But here are some others from the Boad Ride, before the copers broke up the party.

The one they would have hauled away, see the smile, you know this was a before shot.
The reason we got pulled over, we should have know better. Especially me.... *hangs head in shame*

A "T" carved into someone's yard.

4th of July

We went to Kingston to spend the 4th of July. It is always a big holiday for Bret's Mom, so we always try to spend it there. My Mom and Dad came again this year, and Dad caught his annual Bass. It got a *little* bit bigger this year. We had a great time, lots of food and fun, then lots of relaxation on Sat and Sun.