Saturday, June 30, 2007

Busy Weekend already

WARNING.... Lots of picture below all taken with the Point & Shoot camera (not the best quality pictures by any means). Mommy took the weekend off from photography and we have been enjoying our weekend. Friday night we ate dinner and spent a little time outside (see the end of this post for pictures of how dirty Kyndal got). After Kyndal went to bed Mommy and Daddy watched a movie, something we don't do very often any more. Saturday we went to the zoo and then after Kyndal's afternoon nap we went to the park to check out the 4th of July weekend festivities.

We visited our buddies the lorakeets.

Hey Mommy is actually *IN* a picture

No that is not a mirror there a two on Mommy's hand.

A tree that Mommy liked

Daddy and Kyndal in front of the helicopter at the park

Helicopter head Kyndal

Kyndal ready for a flight!

So how did Kyndal get so dirty. Daddy let her crawl and walk around in the bed of the truck. It has a black rhino liner and a couple of weeks ago had mulch in it. Anyway here hands feet and knees were black, so off to the bath she went.

This one is funny, I don't know what she is doing here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Kyndal and I started her Kindermusik class yesterday morning. It is a Mommy and Me class centered around music and movement. Kyndal had so much fun. Sorry there are no pictures we were too busy singing and dancing around to take any. I thought I would post a little quote about music in the lives of children.

"Music in our lives is capable of improving memory, rhythmic sense, and spacial skills. It can aid in the development of discipline, self confidence and social interactions. And it can engage the imagination, opening worlds otherwise unknown to us.

It's not about making little Mozart's. It's about developing life enhancing skills in the WHOLE CHILD (0-7 years) cognitive, phyical, social, emotional, language and musical."

We are so excited about this class, we can't wait until next time. In the meantime we we will use our at home cd and book!

Kyndal Cruising Video

Well I came on to put on several video's of Kyndal, but two are being held hostage by my cell phone. So there is only one for now. For those who haven't seen Kyndal up and about, her is a video of her cruising. She is a real pro now. She has a path worked out from the playtable to the tv to the rocking chair to the exersaucer to the table or vice versa. If she really wants something she will walk with us with one hand, but most of the time she wants both of our hands. She can even run if we hold on to her hands, but that is one of the video's being held hostage at the moment.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Video of Kyndal

I thought I would share a video of the way this crazy little girl sits up. She does it like no other baby I have ever seen, she get's into a split first and the pushes herself up. She is too funny!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yummy Letters

I came across these photos from about a month ago when I was testing my flash and they just made me laugh, so I thought you all would enjoy them.

Would you like a J?

How about an F?

I think the J tastes better, what do you think?

Kyndal and Bo at the zoo

Kyndal's cousin Bo and her Uncle Mike and Aunt Dee came for a visit and today we took them to the zoo. We had a great time and we are so glad that Bo and Kyndal got to spend some time together. Take a look at my photography Blog to see a few studio shots that I did for their Nana.

Kyndal munching on her keys

Bo taking a break from reading the zoo map

Kyndal and Bo

Mike and Bo feeding the birds

I love this close-up of Mike feeding the Lorakeet. The bird is shaking off the water from the sprinkler. You can see the water droplets.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kyndal's 9 month studio photos

I took Kyndal in the studio the other day for a few 9 month pics. I did some outdoors a couple of weeks ago, you can see them on my photography blog. See this post Park Portraits.

Daddy likes the white dress in these, I like the jean dress. Tell me what you think. If any of the family wants any of these or the park portraits printed, just let me know the size and which one and I will get them ordered. I will probably send out some wallets of our favorite pose, so no need to order those.

Some people ask me how I get Kyndal to pose so perfectly for the camera, they think that I must take a ton of shots or get her in the studio all of the time. I really don't, in fact I only took 14 shots in the studio this time. That is far less than I take with my customers. What can I say she is a natural, LOL. No, she is just comfortable with me so it is easy. Photographing other peoples children is hard, because they don't have a relationship with me and it takes time for them to get comfortable. Sometimes they never do. I always hear that the photographer's kid is a nightmare to photograph. Kyndal will probably be that way eventually, when she can run from the camera. For now I am just enjoying it.

p.s. I put my logo on my images of Kyndal too because in the photography world theft of images is very common. Other photographers often steal images to add to their portfolio, so I will put a logo on all of my professional images.

p.s.s Come on Blog buddies, send me some blog love and post some comments. I don't want to beg or bribe, but I may have to resort to that. Also visit my photography blog and give it some blog love. That means you too Daddy, give us some blog love!! LOL!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Kyndal's Play Date

Kyndal and I went over to a new friends house for a play date. We met Jill and Brooke at the reading hour at the library. Brooke and Kyndal are a month apart in age. Aren't they cute. They are almost the same height (Brook is a little taller). Brooke is crawling and has recently taken a few steps on her own. We saw her do this while we were visiting. Maybe Brooke will teach Kyndal a thing or two.

These photos were taken by Jill, she is a Canon girl too!

Kyndal's 9 month check-up

Kyndal had her 9 month check-up last Friday. She is growing so quickly. She weighed 18 lbs 13 ounces and was 27 3/4 inches long, both measurements are in the 50th percentile. Her head was still in the 90th percentile, smart kid ;) She didn't get any shots this time, just had her toe pricked so that they can test for iron. We talked to the doctor about her not crawling and she said that it is normal, some babies skip it. She really has seemed to have skipped it, she sure can get around. While in the doctors office all she wanted to do was walk back and forth between Bret and I, with us holding her fingers of course. The doctor said that pulling up and cruising are more complicated developmental tasks than crawling, so she is really ahead of schedule. You should see her get around. Last night we watched her go from the recliner, to the exersaucer all the way around that to the rocking chair and then behind the rocking chair to the window ledge. We had to stop her because she was pulling on daddy's speaker. We told the doctor that we have her on table food and asked her when we can put her on whole milk. She said about 11 months. She wanted us to introduce a sippy but, we already have. She said that we want her off the bottle by 12 months, we think we will do it sooner though since she is doing so well with a sippy cup. She prefers the sippy cup with a straw and the doctor said that was okay. I think that was about it. She will go to the doctor next at 12 months.

Saturday Kyndal seemed a little cranky and Saturday night I felt her gums and noticed that the top gums are really swollen. We looked in and can see the teeth ready to come through. I hope they break through soon, I hate to see her uncomfortable.