Sunday, March 30, 2008

Texas Pictures part one

Daddy and Kyndal at the airport, Kyndal "The plane, the plane"
Kyndal's first plane
Daddy and Kyndal looking at the plane
Her cousin Justin, they are a few weeks apart in age. She hasn't seen him in a year.
Hugging her cousin, Justin's thought bubble would say "Help me"
Holding hands, too cute.
Checking out their easter egg hunt loot.

Kyndal later that day taking a potty break, she wouldn't let go of her bucket, bear, and shoes. She also decided she needed to blow her nose too. This girl is crazy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kyndal flies in an airplane!

Not only did she fly in one but she learned the word airplane. She is all about the airplans now, it helped that Daddy flew in the B-24 on Saturday and she got to see him get on take off and then land.

As much as we dreaded our first flight with Kyndal, she did great! We managed all of the luggage very well, checking it and parking the car. We got through the check-points great and she did fantastic through it all!

I have a ton of pictures and updates about our trip, but for now here is one picture of Kyndal surrounded by all of our luggage at the airport when we left for Texas. I didn't take any of Kyndal on the plane, I guess I was too busy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Basket from Mommy & Daddy

We gave Kyndal her Easter basket tonight, since we are going to be in Texas this weekend.
She got some Elmo Easter Eggs.

She got Elmo barrette's

Elmo dvd
Elmo coloring book, anyone notice a theme by now?

Here she is in her Elmo barrette, doesn't she look just like my mom in this picture! Here she is trying to get her new flip flops off.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Festivities Have Begun...

Saturday Kyndal got to open some of her presents from her Nana and PaPa McConaha. Among them was this adorable bunny coat. Kyndal loved it and wore it to church on Sunday Morning.

Sunday afternoon we went to our church for an Easter Egg Hunt. Kyndal threw a bit of a fit when I didn't let her wear her Bunny coat (Mommy didn't want it to get dirty) Kyndal did not have a nap that day, so by 3:00 she was pretty tired, but in great spirits beside her coat fit. We started with a cake walk, we walked around several times before winning some yummy brownies.

Kyndal's friend Lily Kate was able to join us for the hunt with her Mommy Samantha and Daddy Josh. Here Lily Kate was a little bored with the cake walk.

Then we were off for the hunt. We gave Kyndal her basket and she knew just what to do with it, put it on her head... LOL!

Now to the hunt, she did great finding the eggs in all of the nooks and cranny's.

Flashing us a little butt crack in the process....

Nana and Papa looking on, notice the brownies that papa is holding. Wait a minute, who won those anyway?

Here is Josh entertaining Kyndal... It was a fun day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mommy's week...mommy turns church into retail store...LOL!

Mommy week was spent organizing a consignment sale for our church, the proceeds to benefit the children's ministry..... It was my first time organizing, so it was a learning experience for me. I had 36 consignors and thousands of items to organize. We sold $2500 in merchandise and made $1000 for our children's ministry.

Tuckered Out!

My blogging is all out of order since I was away for a whole week. This picture is from last Monday. My friend Kim watched Kyndal for a few hours that day while I worked at the consignment sale. She met me at the house to drop Kyndal off and this is what I saw. Lola and Kyndal out cold in the back seat, I guess they played hard that day. I love this picture!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Kyndal and Mommy wore their St Patty's Day shirts. Mommy's said "Kiss me I'm Irish" and Kyndal's said "Rub my Belly for Good Luck", we thought that was cute because of her little budda belly. We spend some time outside today enjoying the warm day, Kyndal played on her swing and slide. She is a big girl now and climbs up and slides down all by herself.

Later, we celebrated our heritage with some homemade Irish Pie, yes sausage and potatoes!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kyndal's Beloved Shadow

I am sitting here tears already flowing as I write this blog. I knew it was going to be a tough week for me when it began, but didn't realize quite how emotional and tough it would be. Our beloved cat Shadow or Sha-sha as Kyndal has called her and just yesterday started calling her Sha-Show passed away very early Tuesday morning. We knew it was coming as Shadow was 18 years old, but she has been part of our family since her birth. In the past few months she has lost a lot of weight and in the past week declined pretty rapidly. Kyndal loved Shadow very much and would kiss her goodnight every night. Shadow will be missed so much. She was the first pet Bret and I had together and Kyndal's first pet ever and was my 19 year old nephew's kitty for nearly his whole life.

We will miss you Shadow, thank you for being a part of our family.

This is Kyndal's last goodnight kiss to Shadow on Monday night.

And a picture of Kyndal with her Daddy and her Kitty, Sha-Sha.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy time...

There may not be any blog posts on here for a little while. I am going to be super busy at this time with a ton of sessions and my consignment sale. Bret will be getting some great Daddy-Daughter quality time, so maybe he can post some blogs in my absence.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

School....Toddler Bed....She is getting so big

Yesterday I signed Kyndal up for the Creative Learning Center (Mom's Day Out Program) at the Smyrna First Baptist Church. She will start school on August 12th and will go two days a week from 9-2. I had to wait in line to get one of 6 spots open in the young two class, it is the best program around here and she can even attend pre-K there before she starts school as they have a fantastic Pre-K program. It will be so good for both of us!

Also yesterday we bought a toddler bed for Kyndal. Her crib converts to a toddler day bed, but we thought it was a little too high off of the ground for her, so we picked up a used toddler bed. We think we will will switch her over after we are back from our Texas trip.

She is getting so big.... Also a funny story from just a few minutes ago. I layed her down for her nap and a little while later she was crying (a very sad cry like she was upset). I walked in and she had taken her diaper off and then peed. So her crib sheet was wet and her socks. I had to srip the sheet and clean her up so she could go down for her nap. Crazy kid, maybe she will learn to leave her diaper on!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hair Bows

Okay, so Bret and I have never been a fan of hair bows. Kyndal wore a fourth of July headband last year, but that was about it for bows. However, we have been putting in one hair barrette to keep her hair to the side so she doesn't look like Eddie Munster. One reason we are not a fan of hair bows is that it looks silly on a kid with little to no hair, the other reason is we really dislike those Texas size bows that overtake a kids head (Sorry Texas folks). So we have decided that Kyndal has enough hair now that a hairbow might be cute, and they are pratical now to avoid the Eddie Munster look, so I stopped at a store that I know has them in every size to find small (non Texas size bows). I bought 5 (2 different styles). Daddy is not sure about this one because it is kind of frilly, but I did by two non frilly ones. Tell us what you think.

18 Month doctor appointment

Kyndal's 18 month appointment was today. Bret and I were pretty sure she had another ear infection, and she was pretty much a bear this morning. The doctor peeked in when we were getting her undressed to be weighed and she saw him and started screaming, LOL! She screamed when they measured her, weighed her, took her temp. She was not a happy camper. When she saw the Otoscope she ran to her Daddy for protection and screamed again. Too many ear infections have made her very weary of the doctor. No shots today, but she screamed like she had 12!! So our little girl is on track, actually ahead of schedule. She talks more than most 18 month olds, is taller than most 18 month olds. The doctor was shocked when I said that she was pooping in the potty. He even said we have a smart little girl. That means a lot coming from the doctor. Oh, yes she has another ear infection, that explains all of the screaming from today. She weighs 22 lbs 4 ounces and is 32 1/4 inches tall.

BTW, she is a lot better this evening, in fact feeling pretty good. Guess that first dose of antibiotics has kicked in.

Weekend Fun --- 75 degrees in March

It was a gorgeous warm weekend here in Nashville, my one session on Saturday was cancelled due to the flu, so we took advantage of the free weekend before the chaos of March comes. Nana and Papa Mcconaha came for a visit Sat during the day. I looked down at my Mom's shoes and I said, Mom what are you wearing, Bret bursts out laughing and proclaiming "Chuck Taylors". Kind of funny that my mother is wearing shoes that were in style when I was a kid, and funnier that she has no idea what they are. So we decided to go to eat at CiCi's and stop by babies r us for a few things. Then Mom's comes walking up carrying a matching pair of shoes that are Kyndal's size. So here are Nana and Kyndal in their matching Chuck Taylors.
We had some outdoor fun with Kyndal on her ATV.

Sunday after church, Kyndal sat in her crib talking to herself for about 45 minutes, we didn't think she would ever fall asleep for her nap, so we decided to go to the zoo. Of course 10 minutes before we get to the zoo, Kyndal is out cold. We packed her up in her wagon and let her sleep while Bret and I ate lunch. Then our friends Robin and Emma and Emma's Nana and PaPa joined us at the zoo. Kyndal eventually woke up, and we had fun exploring the zoo.