Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bowling Birthday Party

Kyndal's little friend Kira turned 3 on Easter Sunday and they had a princess bowling birthday party on the 11th to celebrate. This was Kyndal's first time bowling and she loved it! She as actually able to carry the ball although she doesn't have a whole lot of power getting it down the lane. She used the metal guide for a while and then she wanted to roll it down the lane without it. We had one stuck ball at one point. I am sure we will take her bowling again. It was such a fun birthday party.

Showing off her shoes..

Drying her hands... LOL!
The birthday princess, Kira!
This is my good friend Angel, Kira's Mommy, with her older daughter Danielle. Danielle often babysits for Kyndal, and she is the best babysitter EVER! Aren't they a cute mother/daugther!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a full day yesterday as we celebrated our Risen Lord. We tried not to talk about the Easter Bunny with Kyndal, we want her to know we are celebrating Jesus during this holiday. We did leave a basket out for her to find Sunday Morning. We got up bright and early to make it to church by 8:15 for a yummy breakfast. We were teaching during the worship hour and we took the kids into praise and worship to enjoy the music like we normally do. We got back to make bookmarks, make a tomb and stone craft, read our story, and learn more about Easter with our Resurrection Eggs. We sent a treat bag with each child and sent home the Easter Basket cupcake of which the handle snapped in half sometime during the night and they looked pretty silly at this point, but they loved them anyway.

We came home to make a nice Easter Lunch, we hid eggs outside two times for Kyndal to find, we talked to Family and Friends and we ate plenty of candy, then we rested up. It was a wonderful Easter, we love that we can share it's meaning with Kyndal and she can get something more out of it than candy and Easter eggs and baskets.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

After a birthday party today we came home to color eggs, make some cupcakes for our class in the morning, and get Kyndal's Easter Basket ready. We are trying to get things ready so that we can be at church in the morning at 8:15 for breakfast, but I managed to squeeze in a blog post. Here are a few pics...

Heading to the party...(I will blog on that later) Kyndal is sporting her new Gymboree outfit and the jacket that her Nana bought for her.Coloring Eggs.
Decorating them with stickers... "um, which one will I choose"
Easter Basket Cupcakes... Kyndal helped make the cupcakes.

Kyndal's Easter Basket.

And as is tradition, Daddy surprised Kyndal with a Bunny in her bed waiting for her at bedtime. I can't wait to get mine too... Te He He!

Quite a Day in Tennessee

WOW, yesterday was just unbelievable! The started okay with some cleaning at the church and then we were going to get ready for our MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt that I had moved from outside to inside our sanctuary because of the rain. We got home and prepared lunch and the rain kicked up, we watched it hail outside. I called my neighbor who has left me a message asking about the egg hunt, she said if the weather got bad they wouldn't be there. At that point I turned on the TV and watched the severe weather coverage. I didn't realized quite the severity. We watched for a while and Bret called us, while he was on the phone he heard over the intercom that they were to go to their "Safe Place". We continued watching and then saw this video....

840 is just a few miles from our house. At that point we moved to the bedroom away from all of the windows and closer to our safe place, the toilet closet in our bathroom. I then heard some people calling in from the Blackman community stating that they spotted tornadoes. That community is also just a few miles from our house. We made our way into the bathroom, listening to the TV and internet coverage . At some point we moved into the little toilet closet and kept in contact with our friends Kim and Joe who were watching the weather since our satellite went out. We were praying that the LORD would keep us safe as well as our friends and family. We still had internet and power. It was quite scary and we must have gotten some pretty heavy rain during that last storm line because I could hear the heavy rain from where we were. It finally passed and the sun started shining, WOW! Once or satellite came back up we watched the coverage and realized how blessed we are that a tornado didn't hit our neighborhood. There has been many destroyed homes in Murfreesboro and two confirmed deaths as well as a number of injuries. It is still emotional for me to think about the destruction. Videos and pictures are still coming in to the news station of different tornadoes, there were so many.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt #2 - Stonebrook Church

Palm Sunday after our service we had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at church. We had a hunt, cupcakes, and prizes. Kyndal picked out a Belle Polly Pocket and she loves it. I have probably changed the dress from the pink to the yellow several dozen times, just what I wanted... LOL! She got to wear the Easter Dress that her Nana bought her last year to the hunt... lucky girl... two Easter dresses!

Picking "Flowers" aka Dandelions
"Here is a flower for you Mommy"
Checking out her goodies with her friend Jayce... she is a bit sweet on him!

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Yes, I am numbering these because she has FOUR Easter Egg Hunts this year! This one was put on by our Subdivision Home Owners Association. Kyndal was timid at first and didn't want to pick up eggs. One of the other children helped her out by putting one in her basket and then she got into it! She got a little prize and picked out an Elmo kite, we can't wait to fly it! Maybe that will happen after the snow stops, the temperature warms and we have a little wind instead of the major wind storms we have been having!