Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New blog site...

Hey everyone! I have been working hard at creating a new blog site so that I can post about Kyndal, the new baby, and whatever else we want :) So there will be no more posts here on I actually integrated all of her old journals from onto the new site. However, your email subscriptions are not going to be working from where you subscribed to this site. I am trying to get that functionality working on the new site so be sure to visit it frequently to see the new posts.

So come on over to

Be sure to catch up on all of the recent blog posts that I have put out there. If you look to the right you can click a link "Baby Boy Pregnancy" and see some blogs that I have written over the last several weeks. Make sure you read the following posts about Kyndal.... Summer fun has just begun, Pre-k here we come, Our little tumbler, and Mother's Day. Be sure to leave us a comment while you are there.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rusty Jackson Aune

Ha, better keep reading before you assume anything!

So one day while picking up Kyndal from school, her teacher said that Kyndal told her we decided on a name for the baby. She said it was Rusty.... well Rusty is the wrench from the Disney morning show "Handy Manny" that she loves so much. Now Kyndal is not one to ever lie or tell stories(she often tells on herself), but she did tell her teachers we were having a baby before we were ever pregnant. She informed them of the sex (a girl) before we found out it was a boy. And now she is sharing her wish list of names! Something about having this baby has made her imagination go a little crazy.

When talking about names again, she said she likes Jackson. In case you don't know, Jackson is Hannah Montana's brother. She then once again informed her teachers that the name was going to be Jackson! She then decided to combine the two. Our friend Teresa has endearingly when along with Kyndal's imaginative mind and they both call him Rusty, now Rusty Jackson!

I guess they are both nice enough names, just really not our favorite. But if Bret, Kyndal and I can't agree on one, I suppose we have a back up plan and he shall not go nameless!

Time to brag

Of course I do blog because I love my child and want to leave her a book of written memories. But part of blogging is bragging about your child, I mean don't we all think our own child just hangs the moon? What makes you feel really good as a mother is when OTHER people compliment your child, or give you a good report, right?

So onto the bragging...
Kyndal got her first "report card" a couple of weeks ago. It is really two assessments that show how she has improved over several months. Well between the two reports there was no improvement.... why because she had mastered all of the skills when she was first assessed! They mark how they do on tasks like listening to direction, standing in line, sharing with others... etc... and then they mark all of the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors that they recognize. Everything was checked on both assessments!

All About My Mother

Kyndal brought home a little survey today where she filled in the blanks ... it is all about me!!!

My mother is 5 years old. (She didn't answer the next two, I didn't conveniently leave them blank!)
My mother is ____ tall.
My mother weighs ____.
My favorite thing to do with my mother is pet the kitty.
What does your mother do all day? shop
What does your mother say a lot? lets go walk
My mothers favorite food is Spaghetti
My mothers favorite tv show is Ellen
Does your mother sing in the car? yes
Can your mother dance? yes
Where does your mother work? at Daddy's work
How much do you love your mother? a bunch

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daddy, does our house float?

So this is the question that Kyndal asked on Sunday. I was regretting watching Evan Almighty with her on Thursday evening, but how could I have known the events of Saturday and Sunday? It is also ironic that I brought the group bible study the previous Sunday and the subject that I chose was storms and we studied much about the great flood.

It is surreal what has happened to middle Tennessee this past weekend! Many of you probably don't even know the devastation that has hit the areas surrounding us, as it has not been spoken about much in the national media. We were very blessed to all have been out of the area on Saturday when the first round and flooding hit, and also very blessed to have gotten back to our house safely before the second round hit on Sunday.

Flooding caused only by rain has caused our rivers to crest higher than they have in 80 years. Beloved landmarks through the city have been destroyed. Homes have been destroyed and people do not have flood insurance. Lives have been lost. I encourage you to read this blog post, which I think says so much:

I was all set to present a new study this Sunday about God's promise from Genesis chapter 9, but we canceled our group meeting due to the weather. More importantly we were going to study 2 Peter 3:1-17, and I encourage you to read it too and to please keep the people of this area in your prayers!

"But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness" 2 Peter 3:13

Separation Anxiety

It hard to believe that my daughter at 3 1/2 would be going through a bought of separation anxiety. I don't think she has ever experienced this before.

Bret and I decided to use a business trip as a chance to have a get-away just the two of us. His conference was in San Francisco and although we have been there before we decided to extend the trip and a few days in Napa Valley and then enjoy some parts of San Francisco that we missed before and visit part that we loved again.

Kyndal had an opportunity to spend time with two sets of her grandparents. We missed her terribly and she missed us. I think she did okay without us, but it has been a bit hard to get everything in our house back to normal. She has not wanted either of us to leave her side. She is okay if one of us is around, but if we both need to leave there has been a few tears and fussing. I think she is getting better now as the last time to drop her off at school she didn't shed a tear. Then Mommy left again for a girls weekend. It will be the last time leaving her for a while, until I have to go into the hospital to have this baby. I do pray that she continues to be excited to have her baby brother and doesn't have any issues with the newest addition and the split of Mommy and Daddy's time.

Of course no post is complete with-out a picture of our baby girl.

Some more April pics