Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rusty Jackson Aune

Ha, better keep reading before you assume anything!

So one day while picking up Kyndal from school, her teacher said that Kyndal told her we decided on a name for the baby. She said it was Rusty.... well Rusty is the wrench from the Disney morning show "Handy Manny" that she loves so much. Now Kyndal is not one to ever lie or tell stories(she often tells on herself), but she did tell her teachers we were having a baby before we were ever pregnant. She informed them of the sex (a girl) before we found out it was a boy. And now she is sharing her wish list of names! Something about having this baby has made her imagination go a little crazy.

When talking about names again, she said she likes Jackson. In case you don't know, Jackson is Hannah Montana's brother. She then once again informed her teachers that the name was going to be Jackson! She then decided to combine the two. Our friend Teresa has endearingly when along with Kyndal's imaginative mind and they both call him Rusty, now Rusty Jackson!

I guess they are both nice enough names, just really not our favorite. But if Bret, Kyndal and I can't agree on one, I suppose we have a back up plan and he shall not go nameless!

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Samantha said...

Very funny. I thought you were serious for a moment and that the pregnancy hormones were doing a number on you (no offense to any Rusty Jackson's out there).