Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to brag

Of course I do blog because I love my child and want to leave her a book of written memories. But part of blogging is bragging about your child, I mean don't we all think our own child just hangs the moon? What makes you feel really good as a mother is when OTHER people compliment your child, or give you a good report, right?

So onto the bragging...
Kyndal got her first "report card" a couple of weeks ago. It is really two assessments that show how she has improved over several months. Well between the two reports there was no improvement.... why because she had mastered all of the skills when she was first assessed! They mark how they do on tasks like listening to direction, standing in line, sharing with others... etc... and then they mark all of the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors that they recognize. Everything was checked on both assessments!

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