Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Separation Anxiety

It hard to believe that my daughter at 3 1/2 would be going through a bought of separation anxiety. I don't think she has ever experienced this before.

Bret and I decided to use a business trip as a chance to have a get-away just the two of us. His conference was in San Francisco and although we have been there before we decided to extend the trip and a few days in Napa Valley and then enjoy some parts of San Francisco that we missed before and visit part that we loved again.

Kyndal had an opportunity to spend time with two sets of her grandparents. We missed her terribly and she missed us. I think she did okay without us, but it has been a bit hard to get everything in our house back to normal. She has not wanted either of us to leave her side. She is okay if one of us is around, but if we both need to leave there has been a few tears and fussing. I think she is getting better now as the last time to drop her off at school she didn't shed a tear. Then Mommy left again for a girls weekend. It will be the last time leaving her for a while, until I have to go into the hospital to have this baby. I do pray that she continues to be excited to have her baby brother and doesn't have any issues with the newest addition and the split of Mommy and Daddy's time.

Of course no post is complete with-out a picture of our baby girl.

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