Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New blog site...

Hey everyone! I have been working hard at creating a new blog site so that I can post about Kyndal, the new baby, and whatever else we want :) So there will be no more posts here on I actually integrated all of her old journals from onto the new site. However, your email subscriptions are not going to be working from where you subscribed to this site. I am trying to get that functionality working on the new site so be sure to visit it frequently to see the new posts.

So come on over to

Be sure to catch up on all of the recent blog posts that I have put out there. If you look to the right you can click a link "Baby Boy Pregnancy" and see some blogs that I have written over the last several weeks. Make sure you read the following posts about Kyndal.... Summer fun has just begun, Pre-k here we come, Our little tumbler, and Mother's Day. Be sure to leave us a comment while you are there.

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